Retail Calender – When Does It Go On Sale?

We all know that Halloween candy and Christmas decorations go on sale the day after the holiday has passed, but what about other items?  There’s no “Thank Goodness for Television” holiday or “Mattress Appreciation Day”, but we definitely notice these Read more ›

Reprint: Discounted Gift Cards: The New Coupon

The following reprint about buying unwanted gift cards and using the savings as a “coupon” is consistent with the message from our first post, No Coupon? No Problem! Save with Gift Cards. ———————— I’m currently house-sitting in Anchorage, where one of my Read more ›


No Coupon? No Problem! Save with Gift Cards.

Over the years, gift cards have developed a not-so-flattering reputation along the lines of that Christmas fruit cake – nobody knows what to do with it. It was received as a cop-out present when you didn’t have, or want to Read more ›