Groupon versus LivingSocial – One Person’s Experience

While there are dozens of social buying local deal daily deal sites out there, the most prominent are Groupon and LivingSocial. If we were to assign +1 or -1 points, how would these two compare to each other in terms Read more ›

Is Satisfaction Guarantee for Real? Why Should Consumers Take Advantage of it?

Almost every product sold nowadays comes with a satisfaction guarantee, but how many people actually hold companies to these claims? It’s usually not worth one’s trouble to complain about a $3 bag of stale chips and maybe the manufacturers are Read more ›

How to Protect Yourself from Gift Card Scammers

We’ve written several articles on eShopBlog about how to save money using discounted gift cards and where these cards can be purchased. There’s absolutely no risk if you buy from Costco because the gift cards are new and unused.  There’s Read more ›

Retail Calender – When Does It Go On Sale?

We all know that Halloween candy and Christmas decorations go on sale the day after the holiday has passed, but what about other items?  There’s no “Thank Goodness for Television” holiday or “Mattress Appreciation Day”, but we definitely notice these Read more ›