eShopedia’s Technology Improves School Fundraiser Campaigns

Learn how eShopedia’s innovative technology, the eShopper button, is helping schools raise money by earning commission from purchases made in over 250 online stores. The best part? It’s free for parents and schools to participate.

In a time where funding for our public schools are getting cut in all parts of the country, it’s no surprise that parents are being asked to contribute more and more to their child’s education in order to make up the difference. These contributions are not limited to financial donations alone; parents are also being asked to volunteer their time to help out in the classrooms, after-school activities, or fundraising events.

In most school districts, the PTAs (Parent-Teacher Associations) help organize the fundraisers and one of the most popular is the Amazon School Rewards program where pays a commission between 4%-15% for all purchases that originate from a school’s referral. In most cases, this is a link or banner ad that is placed on the school or PTA website. This fundraiser is extremely popular because it is free to participate and the money donated is entirely paid by Amazon. Parents do not have to pay anything extra – they simply need to click on the school’s Amazon link or banner ad prior to shopping online and Amazon will pay a referral commission to the school.

While this sounds like an effortless and free way to raise money for your child’s school, the reality is that it is NOT an effortless process for several reasons.

  1. Finding the school’s Amazon referral link is not always easy – it may be buried several pages deep in the school’s website or worse, on a separate PTA website altogether;
  2. People’s normal shopping habits are to go directly to the website they want to shop, so they forget to use the referral link first;
  3. Going to another website first just to be redirected back is a hassle that deters people from using the link.

Using eShopedia’s technology, all the problems above are eliminated. The eShopper button makes it very easy and convenient to access the school’s referral links. Once installed, start shopping at your favorite websites and our eShopper button will tell you if there are any fundraiser opportunities available. Simply click on the eShopper logo and select any promotional link to attach your school’s referral ID; any commission earned from your purchase will be donated to the school.

And because eShopedia has partnerships with over 250 other websites, your school will not be limited to fundraising with only Our merchant partners include stores like Groupon, Gap/ Banana Republic,, Office Depot, and The Sports Authority, so there are many more opportunities to raise money for your school via referral commissions.

If you would like to sign up for eShopedia’s School Fundraiser Partnership, please contact us to find out how you can get a customized eShopper button for your school.

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